Joan Mir’s first comments as a HRC rider: “Every rider imagines himself in these colours”

Joan Mir’s first comments as a HRC rider: “Every rider imagines himself in these colours”

The 2023 season is coming, and Honda presents its new recruit with an exclusive interview

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Marc Marquez, a tough team-mate

In addition to a new way of riding, a new team and the dynamics of the Honda, there is another important ‘variable’ for Joan to face on this new adventure – we’re talking about his team-mate.

With his wins, Marc has always enjoyed the full attention of Honda, both technically and ‘morally’, often to the detriment of the rider with whom he shares the garage. Will this be the case for the Majorcan too? And what will it be like to work with Marquez? We ask Joan: To share the box with Marc is a true challenge, because he’s the best rider on the grid and the one with the most titles. This is something that can be really good in one way and probably more difficult in another. You can share some data with him and you can learn a lot from the inside, but if you don’t perform in the way that you want, you always have a tough rider on the other side of the garage. During the test I could make some laps with him and also share some data. He knows how these bike works perfectly. He’s able to ride in a way that the bike asks for: going really fast into the corner, which is probably faster than the bikes that I have tried in the past. Then, the way the bike gives you the power is different compared to the ones that I tried before. I have to get used to it and Marc knows how to do it really well.”

“I want to bring freshness”

Joan’s main goal is to do well and win, but he also wants to bring a little extra: “As a young rider and new rider, I can bring some freshness to the team. My experience in different teams is something that always gives good information to the team. I think that we share the same goal: which is to win another title. This is what I can give to the team.”



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