Joan Mir’s first comments as a HRC rider: “Every rider imagines himself in these colours”

Joan Mir’s first comments as a HRC rider: “Every rider imagines himself in these colours”

The 2023 season is coming, and Honda presents its new recruit with an exclusive interview

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As the 2023 race season approaches, the line-up of riders competing for the various teams is already confirmed. And for the Repsol Honda team, the new year brings a talented new rider in the shape of 2020 world champion Joan Mir. The Majorcan will flank eight-time world champion Marc Marquez, who is keen to be back where he belongs after two challenging seasons. This change of team also means a change of energy drink for Mir, who goes from being a Monster Energy athlete to being sponsored by Red Bull, as his cap confirms.

And now, just a few days into the new year, a first interview with Mir in HRC colours has been published. Let’s see what Joan has to say.

Joan: “The bike was great in testing”

The Majorcan climbed aboard the RCV during pre-season testing and talks about the sensations of going from the Suzuki to the Honda: “My first impressions of the Repsol Honda Team at the test were really good. When you come from a different team, you have to get used to the people and the dynamic of work, which is completely different from the one that I that have been in, and I like it. There were a lot of people in the garage, and I enjoyed it. We made a great test and it felt like the first day back in school.”

With regard to this new adventure, as a member of such a successful team, Mir comments: “My feelings when I joined a team like this one were unbelievable. I think that every rider has imagined himself with these colours, so being a part of this makes me really proud to arrive in such a sweet moment in my career. I think that I am in in a sweet moment and I’m also young to try to repeat again what we’ve done in the past. So, let’s see what we can do.”

Honda, a “physical” bike

During the winter break, riders prepare physically for the new season, leaving nothing to chance as they strive to be 100% fit for the opening races. The break is particularly important for those who are changing bike, and very probably riding style too. One such rider is Mir, who is preparing for 2023 like this: “Physically I did not change the approach of my preparation. I just give it a little bit more of intensity. Every year, you give more intensity to try to be more in shape. This year, especially, because I know that the Honda bike is a physical one. I like to train technically and physically and this year I probably am doing more physical training than technical training because I think that I will need it. Overall, I barely changed anything.”

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